12-14 December 2018
Casa de la Ciencia del CSIC
Europe/Madrid timezone

Majoron Dark Matter and Constraints on the Majoron-Neutrino Coupling

12 Dec 2018, 16:30


Mr. Tim Brune (TU Dortmund)


We revisit a singlet Majoron model in which neutrino masses arise from the spontaneous violation of lepton number. If the Majoron obtains a mass of order MeV, it can play the role of dark matter. We discuss constraints on the couplings of the massive Majoron to neutrinos from supernova data and from neutrinoless double beta decay with Majoron emission. The combination of both constraints excludes a large range of Majoron-Neutrino couplings in the mass range of intererest for Majoron dark matter.

Primary author

Mr. Tim Brune (TU Dortmund)

Presentation Materials

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