MADRID Lyman alpha and Quasar Workshop

IFT, Madrid

IFT, Madrid

The aim of this Workshop is to define the best possible observational strategy for quasars using current and future spectroscopic surveys, gathering key persons in each area of the field to be able to come up with a robust science case mostly focus on Neutrino Cosmology. The focus will be twofold: 1. Imaging surveys and possible target selection algorithms. Assess the possible scenarios in terms of footprint and redshift distribution. 2. State of the art of simulations to do cosmological projections. Predict what physics can be tested with the different setups found to be optimal in 1.
  • Alvaro Orsi
  • Carlos Hernandez-Monteagudo
  • Graziano Rossi
  • Johan Richard
  • Raul Angulo
  • Roelof de Jong
  • Sergio Pastor
  • Silvia Bonoli
  • Thibaut Louis