'Salon de Actos' -1st floor- (UV Parque Cientifico)

'Salon de Actos' -1st floor-

UV Parque Cientifico

Event's organizers: Oscar Vives, Gabriela Barenboim, Arcadi Santamaría.(IFIC).
Following each talk (50 min. duration each), the invited speakers will be available to answer attendants questions for about 10 min.
Location Map: To get to the venue, at Parque científico, access is through the entrance at C/ Cated. José Beltran, the one close to IRTIC or, Instituto de Ciencia Molecular. View map:   https://www.google.es/maps/place/Universidad+de+Valencia:....  Once inside, take the first stairs to the 1st floor where the 'Salon de actos' (Conference Room) is located. 
Links:  IVICFA:  http://ivicfa.uv.es ;   IFIC: http://ific.uv.es
    • 8:55 14:20
      • 8:55
        Welcome and Introduction 5m
        Ponente: Gabriela Barenboim (IFIC)
      • 9:00
        Dynamically broken Supergravity, Starobinsky-type inflation and running vacuum: towards a fundamental cosmic picture 50m
        Ponente: Prof. N. E. Mavromatos (King’s College London & CERN-PH-TH)
      • 10:00
        The golden age of Cosmology 50m
        Ponente: Prof. Juan Garcia-Bellido (IFT, Madrid)
      • 11:00
        Coffee break 30m
      • 11:30
        Neutrino Masses and Mixing Angles: a tribute to Guido Altarelli 50m
        Ponente: Prof. Ferruccio Feruglio (INFN, Padua)
      • 12:30
        Perturbative QCD 50m
        Ponente: Prof. German Rodrigo (IFIC, Valencia)
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