IATA - Salon, planta 2a (UV Parque Cientifico)

IATA - Salon, planta 2a

UV Parque Cientifico

Preliminary agenda
    • 9:00 14:00
      Astronomy workshop
      • 9:10
        Why are GRBs so interesting? 40m
        Ponente: Javier Gorosabel (IAA-CSIC e Ikerbasque-EHU-UPV)
      • 9:50
        Revealing the neighbourhood of supermassive black holes with mm-VLBI 40m
        Ponente: Antxón Alberdi (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA)-CSIC)
      • 10:30
        Evidence of waves in relativistic AGN jets 40m
        Ponente: Manel Perucho (Universidad de Valencia)
      • 11:10
        Coffee Break 20m
      • 11:30
        The atmospheres of the red supergiant stars explored with IR interferometry 40m
        Ponente: Belén Arroyo-Torres (Universidad de Valencia)
      • 12:10
        The intriguing life of massive stars seen through IR interferometry 40m
        Ponente: Joel Sánchez (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía-CSIC)
      • 12:50
        Severe limits on the nature of type Ia supernovae imposed by radio observations of SN2014J 40m
        Ponente: Miguel Angel Perez-Torres (IAA-CSIC, CEFCA, Universidad de Zaragoza)
      • 13:30
        ALMA observations of SN1987A: first evidence of co-located dust and CO formation in supernovae 30m
        Ponente: Jon Marcaide (Universidad de Valencia)
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