TAS Collaboration Workshop: Status and Perspectives

Colegio Mayor Rector Pesset

Colegio Mayor Rector Pesset

Plaza Horno de San Nicolás 4 E-46001 Valencia Spain
Alejandro Algora, Berta Rubio, Jose L. Tain
Total Absorption Gamma Ray Spectroscopy is an important tool to obtain key information for basic physics, nuclear structure and astrophysics. The purpose of the Workshop is two-fold. On the one hand we want to discuss the status of the physics results from recent experiments performed by the collaboration and the planing of forthcoming ones. On the other hand we want to devote an important part of the time to discuss new ideas and their theoretical background for future experiments at existing and future facilities.
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Workshop Program
  • Alejandro Algora
  • Alexandrina Petrovici
  • Alfredo Estrade
  • Amanda Porta
  • Ana Montaner Pizá
  • Andrei Andreyev
  • Berta Rubio
  • César Domingo-Pardo
  • David Verney
  • Ebhelixes Valencia Marín
  • Ela Ganioglu
  • Giacomo de Angelis
  • Jorge Agramunt
  • Jose L. Tain
  • Luis Mario Fraile
  • María Dolores Jordán
  • Muriel Fallot
  • Pedro Sarriguren
  • Sami Rinta-Antila
  • Sonja Orrigo
  • Teresa Kurtukian Nieto
  • Victor Guadilla
  • William Gelletly
  • Zoltán Halász