Seminars IFIC

Bayesian model comparison applied to neutrino masses and their ordering

by Stefano Gariazzo (IFIC UV/CSIC)

Friday, 26 January 2018 from to (Europe/Madrid)
at IFIC ( Seminar Room, 1.1.1 )
Paterna (Valencia)
After some pedagogical introduction on Bayesian model comparison and on the Bayesian evidence computation, I will present a comprehensive study of the neutrino mass sector using different classes of experimental results: neutrino oscillation data, neutrinoless double beta decay searches and Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) observations. I will show that neutrino oscillation data weakly prefer the Normal Ordering (NO) of neutrino masses with respect to the Inverted Ordering (IO). The preference for NO over IO is not significantly affected by the inclusion of additional data, which up to now are able to put only upper limits on the sum of the neutrino masses. The strenght of these results and the upper bounds on the sum of the neutrino masses, however, may be severely affected by the choice of the considered parameterization and priors. Bayesian tools can help to select the best parameterization for describing the neutrino masses and therefore to present results that are independent of subjective assumptions.
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